Board of Trustees

*Current term years denote the latest elected term

Current Board
Sarah Begg, Chair 2014-2015  (Current term: 2015-2018)

Not photographed: Deborah Henry (Current term 2015-2018)

John C. Hall (Current term 2014 – 2017)

Patricia Hines (Current term: 2014 – 2017)

Susan Pipes (Current term: 2013-2016)

Cashman Kerr Prince Vice-Chair (Current term: 2013-2016)

Patricia Reardon (Term 2012-2015 Retired)

Trustees 2014Photographed 2014: Standing from left to right: Susan Pipes, Patricia Hines, John Hall, Patricia Reardon. Seated: Cashman Kerr Prince (2014-2015 Vice Chair), Sarah Begg (2014-2015 Chair), Charlotte Canelli (Library Director), Amy Chandler-Nelson (Corresponding Secretary).

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