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Mystery Boxes – Cleaning Out the Attic by Margot Sulllivan

Margot Sullivan is a part-time reader’s advisory and reference librarian at the Morrill Memorial Library. Read her column as published in the November 6th issue of the Norwood Transcript & Bulletin.

Years ago we had a pull down staircase constructed in order to easily access the attic. How nice this addition allowed us to store items for “safe” keeping out of sight and also out of mind. I knew there were some extra dining chairs, a suitcase, and some Christmas decorations but what else I wondered? I stood at the top of the stairs and looked at the poorly labeled boxes.

As I brought items downstairs and opened the boxes my son’s young years flashed before my eyes. The thousands of pieces of Legos were magic for him and his Dad as they created towers and buildings and bridges and spaceships, Now those Legos are in my son’s garage ready for his two young children. Looking at the current Lego merchandise I am sure his kids are going to want many more Legos which are more creative than ever. The Star Wars action figures might be worth something if he hadn’t lost a sword or a hat but the original carrying case has them all lined up. The Star Wars space stations have already moved to his home for his children. (more…)

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Living and Building Small – by Charlotte Canelli

Charlotte Canelli is the library director of the Morrill Memorial Library in Norwood, Massachusetts. Read Charlotte’s column in the October 16, 2014 edition of the Norwood Transcript and Bulletin.

The small-house phenomenon is a social and architectural movement that is sweeping the United States. It is a helpful trend for those who yearn to make their lifestyle sustainable … or for those who wish to deliberately downsize, or for those who want a little of both. The revelation about the small house movement is that small houses are actually nothing new. Most of the world’s inhabitants have lived in small homes like dug-outs, pit-houses and igloos throughout history. Only a small percentage of civilization have lived in palaces, mansions and castles. In fact, some might say that the American Tiny House movement has its roots in our very own Henry David Thoreau and his little, idyllic home on Walden Pond in Concord, Massachusetts. (more…)

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Mini-Golf Fundraiser

minigolf Mini-Golf!
@ The Morrill Memorial Library

Thank you to everyone who came out and made our first ever Mini-Golf fundraiser a success!  We hope everyone had fun and made some memories. photo 2 (1) Thanks also to all our generous sponsors, who donated items and gift cards for the silent auction, funded mini-golf holes, and even supplied all the food!photo 1

We wouldn’t have had this fun afternoon of mini-golf at the library without the hard work of the Friends of the Morrill Memorial Library organization. You can thank them yourself on their Facebook page, or visit this page to learn more about the Friends.

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Birthday Books!

Birthday BalloonsCelebrate a birth or a birthday by giving a book to the library in some special someone’s name! Click here for information or choose Birthday Books from the drop-down menu under Children’s Services.

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