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Library Open 11 am, Wednesday, January 22

We will be open at 11 am this morning.

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Viola Sastavickas Scholarship Applications Available

Viola Sastavickas was a life-long resident of Norwood and used the library frequently. The family of Viola Sastavickas made a donation to the Morrill Memorial Library in 2007 in order to create a permanent scholarship in the amount of $500. According to her daughter Kathy the scholarship is “a fitting tribute to our beautiful mother and to the library and staff who treated her with great respect and affection.”

This scholarship was to be awarded annually to a current or former library employee or library volunteer for one of the following purposes: undergraduate or graduate school, a formal course of study, or an enrichment opportunity (continuing education). The scholarship will once again be awarded in 2013 thanks to the generosity of the Sastavickas Family.
This scholarship has been awarded six times since 2007:

  • Elizabeth Porter, 2007
  • Lauren Bailey, 2008
  • Carolyn Bradley, 2009
  • Jillian Goss, 2010
  • Samantha Sherburne, 2011
  • Odhran O’Carroll, 2012

A brief application form is available online  or from the library. Please contact Library Director Charlotte Canelli at 781-769-0200, ext 101. Applications are due by May 15, 2013. The scholarship will be awarded by June 30, 2013.

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Help Downloading eBooks

The eBook catalog has some excellent help resources, including articles about how to use the catalog and how to download eBooks to your device. If you’re not sure, for example, how to install the app on your Android phone or how to check out a book for your Kindle, they’ve got an article on that.

If you’re still stuck, you can sign up for eBook classes. eBook classes are every Tuesday at 10am and every Wednesday at 7pm. They’re limited to two people to ensure individualized attention, so please call the administrative assistant at 781-769-0200 x100 to schedule your time. You can also register at the reference desk. When you come to the class, please bring as much information as you can. If you have a Kindle, be sure to have your Amazon password with you. If you have an Apple product, have your Apple ID password.

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From the Library: Librarians Write


from the library

Be sure to read the From the Library column in the Norwood Transcript and Bulletin each Friday.  Librarians at the Morrill Memorial Library begin a fifth year of columns this week. On January 18th we wrote our 200th column.  That’s about 180,000 words! (An average novel has 60,000 words.)

Columns can be found under the Readers Page menu on our website or can be found archived here. We always write about programs or books and other materials that the library offers you for free.

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