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Adult Summer Reading 2016

All Summer 2016 through Friday September 2nd, 2016

DavidBowieREADHello Norwood readers! We have two great options for adults to take part in summer reading with the Morrill Memorial Library in 2016. Everyone high school-aged or older can take part in both these summer reading activities.

For every book you read this summer, you can enter to win a weekly drawing for a $10 Barnes & Noble gift card. To enter these weekly prize drawings, fill out and submit this form, OR fill out the paper version and return it to the submission box on the Circulation Desk. Paper forms can be found on the Circulation and Reference Desks. There will be a grand prize drawing on Friday September 2 from all these entries for a $25 Barnes & Noble gift card. If you write a book review on your form, we’ll post it (anonymously) in the library and on this page. This way, we can all share book recommendations!

If you’d like a challenge, take part in our Reader’s BINGO. The BINGO sheet can be found here or picked up in the library. You can double-dip with both the weekly prize entry and the BINGO sheet, but each title can only be counted once on the BINGO sheet itself. For every completed BINGO row, you get one entry in the drawing for a David Bowie READ poster from the American Library Association. Sheets must be turned in by noon on Friday September 2nd.

Questions? Please contact either Nancy Ling (, 781-769-0200 x228) or Liz Reed (, 781-769-0200 x110). Have fun!

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Magical Thinking: Food Fight! – by Charlotte Canelli

Fights within a family are nothing new. The world’s oldest literature records them (Cain and Abel), history chronicles them (Mary, Queen of Scots and Elizabeth 1), and folklore embellishes them (the Hatfields and McCoys).

Massachusetts is not new to family troubles, either. In-laws in the Porter and Putnam families tussled in Salem during the 1600s and some of that acrimony fed the Witch Trials. The Friendly’s brothers fought over ice cream. Even the famous Koch brothers’ in-fighting has a tie to Massachusetts – three of the Koch brothers attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The Demoulas’ of grocery fame began their epic family fight many years ago when one side of the family discovered that they seemed to have been cut out of some of the profits from the other. It’s a complicated story and one that really hasn’t yet ended.  Most of us, however, sighed a giant sign of relief in August 2014 when Artie T. was victorious over his cousin Artie S. (more…)

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Beach Reads 2016

Summer is officially here, and that means relaxing outside with a good book.  Librarians Beth Goldman and Margot Sullivan selected fiction, mystery and non-fiction titles.  You never know, you may find your next great read! Click on one of the book covers below to get the list with links to the catalog.  If you prefer to print a list, click here.

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Reserve Best Sellers and Sneak Peeks of Books Being Published in July and August

Reserve Best Sellers and Sneak Peeks of Books Being Published in July and August

Download or view July Fiction and July Non-Fiction. Click on the links for the complete list with titles (in blue) linked to the Minuteman Library catalog. You may also pick up a complete list in the library and ask librarians to request them for you.

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