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My Husband Is a Tapeworm by Allison Palmgren

Allison Palmgren is the Technology Librarian at the Morrill Memorial Library in Norwood, Massachusetts. Read Allison’s column in the March 19, 2015 edition of the Norwood Transcript and Bulletin.

It is almost a foregone conclusion that most librarians are prolific readers and often surround themselves with others of a similar persuasion. From my experience, a love of reading is often passed down through the generations, so readers often come from families of bookworms. Additionally, many librarians seem to choose partners that share their passion for the written word.

I have bucked these trends. While my mother, sister, and I are passionate readers, my dad does not even pretend to understand how reading could be an activity from which anyone could derive pleasure. Similarly, my husband, Andy, is not a reader. (more…)

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Culinary Norwood Book Group: “Heat”

Wednesday, April 15th, 2015 at 7:00 pm

HeatCulinary Norwood is a series of events at the Morrill Memorial Library in March, April, and May.  We’ll have an on-going book group with a different title each month, a movie showing each month, and even cooking presentations from local chefs!

In the second meeting of the Culinary Norwood Book Group, we will be discussing “Heat: an amateur’s adventures as kitchen slave, line cook, pasta maker,and apprentice to a Dante-quoting butcher in Tuscany” by Bill Buford.  Regular print and large print copies will be available for pick up at the Reference Desk on the second floor.

Please sign up for this group and other Culinary Norwood programs by emailing, calling 781-769-0200 x110, or visiting the Information or Reference desks.

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Boston’s Own Dr. Spock – by Charlotte Canelli

Charlotte Canelli is the library director of the Morrill Memorial Library in Norwood, Massachusetts. Read Charlotte’s column in the March 12, 2015 edition of the Norwood Transcript and Bulletin.

We’ve all taken our seats at the Mugar Omni Theater at Boston’s Museum of Science and settled in as the lights dim. The first thing we always hear is an explanation of the amazing visual and audio effects with its 180 screens and 360-degree speakers. It begins “this is a test” and during the three-minute introduction we listen to a familiar voice, that of Boston-born Leonard Nimoy. His voice has been testing “who put the bomp in the bomp, she’bomp, she’bomp” since the theater opened in 1987. (more…)

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The Winter of Our Discontent by April Cushing

April Cushing is the Adult and Information Services Librarian at the Morrill Memorial Library. Read her column published in the March 7, 2015 issue of the Norwood Transcript & Bulletin.

If you were to pick one title to sum up this much maligned season, Hugo’s “Les Miserables” might come to mind. Or what about “The Winter of Our Discontent”? I was pretty sure it was William Shakespeare who first penned those immortal words, but to be sure, I did what any good reference librarian would do: I googled it. So begins the tragedy “Richard III”: “Now is the winter of our discontent/Made glorious summer by this sun of York.” I wondered if the future sovereign had survived a tough winter himself back in 1471 before “snow events” become commonplace, so I read on. It seems Will was waxing more metaphorical than meteorological. (more…)

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