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“Employee of the month – Michelle!.” July 2014

We don’t have an employee of the month designation but I’ll be sure to pass this comment along to Michele and the rest of the library staff!

“Put a sine [sic] that says ‘sports’ over the sports books.  Thanks.” July 2014

The Children’s department is looking into signs that might make finding your non-fiction books easier!

“Put the easy chapter books on lower shelves.  Thanks.” July 2014

The Children’s department is considering marking easy chapter books with colored dot to correspond with reading levels. Once that project is done, the easiest books might be shelved on the lowest shelves.

“Put the movie Frozen in an easy spot.  Thanks. ” July 2014

All movies are shelved so that they are easy for people to find – by type and collection – then either by Dewey number or alphabetically by the name of the movie.  If you remember that arrangement, they’ll be easy to find.  Remember, movies are often out.  Library staff can tell you whether you will find it on the shelf or not.  Also, all staff are happy to assist you in finding materials!

“Have a computer downstairs that lasts one hour.” June 2014

We have many computers upstairs with a tw0-hour limit.  You are allowed up to six total hours per day if no one else is waiting. The downstairs computers in the BROWSE area are meant for quick email checks, etc.

“Open from 9 AM – 4 PM on Fridays instead of 10 to 5.” May 2014

Our library staff is very fortunate to have one hour per week that the library is closed during staff hours.  These hours are used for meetings, staff development, etc.  This hour is between 9 and 10 on Fridays. We appreciate your understanding.

Many patrons are passing by the library between 4 pm and 5 pm on Fridays on their way home from work and school.  We think it is important to stay open during that time.

“The new book arrangement [is] unsuitable for older readers.  Find books in regular print and big print on bottom shelves unable to reach as we cannot bend over enough as a result many books not available to elders.” March 2013

Our large print and YA collections are growing and there was no space for them.  This necessitated some changes.  In making those changes, we recently moved the New Non-Fiction to the NEW BOOKS shelves so that they are easier to find for all patrons. More of the new fiction collection was moved to the current new fiction shelving.

We are sorry this might be inconvenient for some of our patrons. We have found it necessary to use the bottom shelves in some areas.  We also found that it made sense to put all new books, non-fiction and fiction, together. However, those books will not be shelved on the very bottom shelves.

Please be sure to ask a library staff member for help if you would like something on a shelf that is too low or too high for you.

“Buy an updated Microsoft Word in the children’s section please!” October 2012

We have purchased updated Microsoft Office Professional 2010 for the four children’s and one YA computer. We plan to replace the four adult public computers near the reference desk in February or March 2013. These will have Microsoft Office Professional 2010 on them as well.

“Please keep the inserts in the Boston Globe on Sundays.” February 2013

We will keep the inserts with the Sunday Boston Globe in Reference with the paper.  Please read them in the Reference Room.  They will be available on Sundays only.

“Please make a cafeteria.” and “Please add a cafe.”  February 2013

We would love to build onto the library with added space for your enjoyment.  However, as you know the library was renovated in 2001 with very little extra space added.  We will be assessing our needs within the next five years for changes to our space.  We are constantly adding materials to our collection and have little extra room.

“Would it be possible to increase the number of magazines that can be taken out from four? Several other local libraries allow more than 4. Thanks so much.”  February 2013

I will look into this with the library staff. We did increase the number of dvds allowed from 4 to 8 last year.  Update!  We have increased the number of magazines allowed to check out to 8 maximum.

“Start a leave-one, take-one magazine table.”  November 2012

With so little extra space we feel that we don’t have enough to allocate to this worthy project.  There is a donated magazine shelf (current issues only) in the reading room.

“Lower the price on the Friends’ book  bags to $5 please.”  November 2012

The Friends pay about $5 each for the bookbags. The profit of $5 per bag is to benefit the Friends, and thereby, the library.

“Please have the Boston Phoenix at the library.”  October 2012

The publisher of the Boston Phoenix leaves a stack in the library’s copier room on the first floor.

“Please make a section for only British authors’ mysteries!” September 2012

With so little extra space we feel that we don’t have enough to allocate to this worthy project.  All mysteries are shelved separately in the library along with American and Swedish and authors from other countries.

“If there is a book of a series, then get the whole series.”  September 2012

Sometimes we have missed one book in a series. The beauty of the Minuteman Library Network is that another library should have a past copy of a series. It only takes days to receive it!

“Offer a computer course for one-on-one in my home.”  September 2012

Our librarians offer one-on-one computer courses in the library. We would not be able to travel to private homes to do this.

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