A Tour of Norwood Through Local Authors

Charlotte Canelli is library director of the Morrill Memorial Library in Norwood. Read her entire article in this week’s Daily Transcript and Bulletin.

Many Norwood residents have recognized one of the hundreds of photographs in the “Norwood: A History” (one of the Making of America series published in 2002) by Fanning who is a professor of sociology at Bridgewater State University.

She is not the only published author in the Fanning family, however.

Fanning and her brothers were raised in a home on Walpole Street, where she lives today. Their family life was centered in this somewhat typical New England and American town. Many of us growing up in the ’50s and ’60s have nostalgia for the day when downtown was a destination, when families always sat together for dinner and when children were free to roam their neighborhoods, and perhaps their entire towns, alone. Many mothers actually did serve cookies and milk after school and many fathers read the newspaper clad in Mr. Rogers-type sweaters and slippers.

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